About Us

I grew up on the San Pasqual Reservation my entire life. I have had the pleasure to learn from all our elders that belong to the Yuman family from San Diego, Baja, and Arizona.
‘Eyay Ahun = “My heart is good.”

Our Story

Our teachers did not have access to the technology that is available today. Our teachers taught us love and light. Each of them were welcoming and wanted you to know how much they cared about our ways. In the end they wanted you to have this. As our teacher Dale Philips said, ” The world needs new heroes.” These songs belong to you now.

Chris Alvarado Waipuk Founder and President

Our last Chief - Cinon Duro

Meet Our Lead Instructors

I am the founder and president of theyumans.com I will be your teacher as we continue. Please email me at calvarado@theyumans.com for any questions or answers!

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