Learning the 2nd Takuk Bird Song

The second song talks about the sun going towards the afternoon. This song also has a sister song to it. A sister song is a song that is exactly the same except for a few words. Kwenya becomes Tinay. Tinay is an Ipai AA word for late in the evening or towards the afternoon or it is becoming dark/dusk. I learned this version from my teach Dale Philips and Lorraine Davis. I use both interchangeably. Learn this version and if you change Kwenya to Tinay you will have learned its brother/sister version.

Enya = Today

Kwenya = that Sun

Eyu = Look

Iwaaya = is our Ipai AA word for Iwaay which means it will hurt to part ways. It will hurt your heart. When we add an ‘a’ to the end of any word it becomes a question.