Hattepaa coyote
Parhaaw  fox
Hechkullk wolf
Nyemetaay mountain lion
Nyemii wildcat
Nemas  raccoon
‘ephar  brush rabbit
Kunyaaw jack rabbit
Hellyaaw cottontail rabbit
‘ekwak deer
’emallk woodrat

It is possible to distinguish between male and female animals by putting the word for “man” or “woman” after it.

‘ekwak deer
‘ekwak siny doe (i. e. ,  female deer)
‘ekwak ‘iikwich buck (i. e. ,  male deer)
The word ‘ehatt “dog” can be used with a more general meaning. It can stand for any domesticated four-legged animal or pet. Thus , you could use it when referring to horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and so forth. The English word “pet” or the ranching term “stock” are close in meaning to the Diegueno word ‘ehatt.

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Nyilly black
Hepeshiw blue, green
‘ehwatt red
‘ekwas yellow
Nemeshap white
Notice that the same word is used for both “blue” and “green.” The word for “black, “ n yilly , can also mean “dark-colored, “so it could also mean “dark gray. ” Similarly, the word for “white, “nemeshap, can also mean “light-colored, ” and can be used for “light gray.”

Exercise 1

Say the following sentences in ‘ Iipay Aa.

1.    It’s a dog.4.    The grunion is little.
2.    It’s a jackrabbit.5.    The fox is red.
3.    It’s a coyote.6.    The wolf is black.

Exercise 2

Translate into English

1. ‘Ekwak ‘iikuuches.
2. ‘Emekay siny ‘estikches.
3. Nemas nyillyches.
4. Hattepaa ‘iikwich wellichches.
5. Ephar nemeshapches.
6. ‘Aashaa hepeshiwches.