Hese are some names for birds
‘aashaa bird
‘sha ‘ii buzzard
‘ihpaa eagle
Kula shaash blue jay
Halypuusuutt hummingbird
‘aashaa kwilaaw mockingbird
‘aahmaa quail
‘u ‘uu horned owl
Kullyaattug meadowlark
‘ehtaay crow
Meswir hawk
Mespily sparrow hawk
and some new expressions
Peyaa this one
Nyip that one there (that you can see and point at )
Puu that one ( either in the distance or out of sight )
‘uuch what?
‘Uuchechu? (pro-nounce it‘UUCHechu ) What is it?
Peyaa ‘uuchechu? What is this ?
Nyip What is that there ?
Puu ‘uuchechu ? What is that ( in the distance )?
The words , peyaa , nyip , and puu can be used by themselves to mean “ this one , “ etc. , but they can also be added to a noun to make a phrase like
Siny peyaa thid woman
Halypuusuutt puu that hummingbirg (way over there)
‘ehatt nyip that dog there

Notice that these words go after the noun,  rather than before it. In English , we say  “this dog ; “in ‘lipay Aa, “dog this. “

If you want to say a sentence like “This is a grunion, ” first make the sentence, “It is a grunion, ” Hashuupillches, and add peyaa in front of it;
Peyaa hashuupillches. This is a grunion.
Nyip sha’iiches. This is a buzzard.
Puu halypuuttches. That ( way over there ) is a hummingbird.

Exercise 1

Say the following sentences in ‘Iipay Aa.

1.    This is a cottontail.
2.     What is this?
3.    This is a woodrat.
4.    What is that (way over there)?
5.    It is a coyote.
6.    What is that ? (pointing at it)
7.    That is a horned owl there.
8.   The meadowlark is red.
9.    The bird is blue.
10.   The eagle is big.
11.   This is a grunion.
12.   That one (way over there ) is blue.

Exercise 2

What do the following sentences mean ?

1.    ‘Uuchechu?
2.    ‘Ehattches.
3.    Nyip ‘uuchechu?
4.    Nyip kulashaashches.
5.    Puu ‘uuchechu?
6.    Puu nyemetaayches.
7.    Peyaa ‘uuchechu?
8.    Peyaa ‘aashaa kwilaawches.
9.    ‘Ashaa kwilaaw ‘estikches.
10.    Puu ‘ekwasches.
11.    Puu ‘aahmaaches.
12.    Sha’ii ‘iikuuches.